Have I said anytime how much I love attending cons? It’s a great place to see some of your friends, meet new people, and for us photographers, an amazing place to take pictures from wonderful models. I’ve noticed that boys are usually more reluctant to ask for pictures, but they end up enjoying a lot the outcome.

Past February I went to Japan Weekend Madrid with two purposes: to make a photoshoot with my customer, Alystrin, and to take pictures from the catwalk and the contests as I was rewarded with a press pass.

The catwalk is always nice, as there is a lot of people and there are just a few photographers who spend their time on the first line taking pictures from them. I shared their pictures on my Twitter and the answer from the cosplayers was outstanding. More than enough to repeat as many times as my agenda will allow me:

Besides what happened at the main stage, I also took some pictures to lone cosplayers. I notice that con after con I take less pictures but all of them have better quality overall, so I kinda enjoy my current way of spending a day at a Con. Instead of having 1.000 after a weekend to select, edit and upload, maybe I will have 850 from the contest and the catwalk, easy to pick and adjust with Lightroom, and the rest will be better edited with Photoshop. Maybe I can’t take pictures from 100 cosplayers like I did in the past, they will be 10 or 15, but I’m sure that they will enjoy much more the result than before.

Experience happens

It can even happen that some people asks me to edit their pictures just as I could do when I’m hired for a photoshoot. It happened me this time, and it’s not the first time. Lyvana loved so much her Flemeth pictures that she wanted me to make a full edit from some of them:

I do really appreciate this kind of things, because as an artist our work is not always taken into consideration, the amount of hours that we spend in front of the computer, learning and putting our best effort on each single picture.

Finally, I was able to make the photoshoot I have planned with Alystrin as she wore a Hela cosplay from the Thor movies, and we searched for the best spots as we had a clear idea of what we wanted to get from this shooting.

Sadly, this year I couldn’t attend the con as I had a lot of plans ongoing that weekend, but I’m already scheduling the september edition (if the coronavirus dissapears by then) to get my gear once again and take some amazing shots. Hope you like this post, and if you do, don’t forget to check my full gallery 🙂