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© 2019 Phoenix Orange

Who is Phoenix?

My real name is Alvaro Naranjo, I was born in Madrid (Spain) 30 years ago with lots of hobbies and things I always wanted to do. However, photography has been the only hobby that has lasted through the years, and it has ended up becoming my life. Back in 2014 I became a specialist in fantasy, magic, photomanipulation, cosplay and everything that you can call "geek". From 2017 on, I also started to take pictures at events, since I love to be surrounded by people, and being able to show them happy and smiling is one of my favourites things to do.


Travelling around Spain attending manga and anime Cons, worked with clients such Semergen or ESL, and of course attended weddings.

I would love to find couples with original ideas for photoshoots or weddings, so I can feel free to create the fantasy stuff I always loved to do.