I was born 31 years ago in Madrid, Spain. I’ve been always passionate about art. I’ve learnt to play the piano, guitar, I made a couple songs with a electronic keyboard, I’ve also tried to learn drawing but I think it’s not meant for me. Back in 2011 I bought my first reflex camera, and for the first three years I took a couple pictures but I didn’t focus on photography.

In 2014 I went to a Con with my camera, I asked for a press pass and luckily I was able to get it. For the next two years I travelled all around Spain attending cons and meeting lots of people. That helped me to improve as a photographer and made me push forward in my outcomes.

Last year I decided to turn the hobby I’m specialised in into business: Events and Fantasy photography. I have a great equipment (lenses+cameras) and also great experience working with people and getting the best from them (in my camera at least).